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Custom mylar bags have been specially engineered to offer optimal protection for sensitive products like food storage or pharmaceuticals - keeping them fresh, free from external contaminants, and at their ideal conditions for freshness and safety. With superior barrier properties that ensure items stay protected against damage by external factors. Whether your need involves food, pharmaceuticals, or any other sensitive goods - mylar custom bags provide the solution. Don't miss this chance to restock on high-quality packaging at wholesale pricing - order now to take advantage of some of the best offers online!

Manufacturing Materials For Circle Mylar Bags

Circle mylar bags from the Online Packaging Store come in various materials to meet a range of packaging requirements. Some popular materials for Mylar packaging bags include; 

  1. Aluminium 

  2. Polyester film

  3. Foil


Custom bags from us can come with aluminum-lined exterior layers for excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light. In addition, aluminum foil enhances its resistance against punctures and tears for extended storage of sensitive items.

Polyester Film

Polyester is another highly recommended material choice for custom bags, offering both strength and flexibility to accommodate various handling conditions while serving as an effective barrier against moisture and oxygen, helping preserve pack contents for their full shelf life.


Foil is an economical metal sheet often found inside mylar packaging bags that provides outstanding barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light exposure for contents being protected inside them.

Types Of Our Branded Mylar Bags

Discover our wide variety of branded mylar bags, and select one that best meets your packaging requirements. In addition, these options range in terms of sizes, materials, and customization features such as:

Ziplock Mylar Bags

Our zip lock mylar bags feature an easy and user-friendly zipper closure, offering secure yet resealable packaging of products.

Kraft Mylar Bags

Custom kraft mylar bags feature a distinctive aesthetic and feel; their distinctive materials create an ideal barrier between moisture, oxygen, and light ensuring freshness for products store inside them.

Weed Mylar Bags 

These unique mylar bags were specifically created to store cannabis products safely while providing an ideal barrier between smells and moisture. 

Direct Print Mylar Bags 

Our direct printed mylar bags allow you to showcase your brand with custom-designed graphics that strengthen brand recognition and visibility, increasing both its identity and presence in the marketplace. In addition, add-on options, such as hang holes, tear notches, and matte coatings are also available to further tailor our mylar packaging bags to the specific packaging needs of our clients. Contact us now and explore the wide array of custom bags we have to find the ideal packaging solution for your product or services!

Choose From Our Selection Of Add-On Options For Ziplock Mylar Bags

Consider some add-on options when outfitting mylar bags:

  • Resealable Zipper Bag: With easy opening and closing capabilities, resealable zipperper bags allow for the optimal protection of the contents even after repeated uses.

  • Hang Hole: Pre-puncturing holes into bags provides an easy and quick way to hang or display packaged products.

  • Tear Notches: Perforations along the top of a bag that enables easy tearing to provide quick access to contents within.

  • Child-Resistant Zipper: As an additional safety feature, childproof zipper pulls make it difficult for small children to open your bag, protecting certain products.

These add-ons can greatly enhance the functionality, convenience, and overall aesthetics of mylar packaging bags, fulfilling any special packaging requirements you might have.

Why Choose OPS? 

There are numerous compelling reasons why you should select OPS as your preferred supplier. Our products meet strict industry standards; moreover, OPS prides itself on manufacturing mylar bags that offer maximum durability and protection to protect the items inside our bags from being broken open during shipping.

With our wholesale rates, we understand the significance of competitive pricing; with wholesale rates offering substantial savings while still receiving top-of-the-line products. Customer-first means our goal; with knowledgeable and friendly teams always ready to assist with any inquiries or address concerns regarding product purchases or orders being fulfilled efficiently and reliably by us, you can rely on us for all your packaging needs quickly and reliably. Make us your trusted partner and experience our convenient services, quality materials, and unrivaled support!

Unlimited Customizations

Online Packaging Store offers aesthetically pleasing custom packaging boxes with unlimited customization to ensure your products have left a long-lasting impression on your customers’ minds. More interestingly, we offer unlimited customization for free to make packaging solutions cost-efficient. It means engaging your customers with your brand without spending thousands of dollars on marketing and branding strategies.

  • Lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Foil Stamping
  • Emboss/Deboss
  • Custom Inserts
  • Custom Windows
  • Leather Boxes
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