Child Vape Boxes

We are pleased to offer our child lock vape boxes at wholesale prices, providing you with a cost-effective solution to meet your packaging requirements. Our child lock boxes are specifically designed to ensure the safety and security of vape products, especially when they are around children. These boxes feature a child-resistant lock mechanism that prevents young children from accessing the contents inside. With our child lock boxes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are safely stored and inaccessible to unintended users.

By purchasing our child lock boxes at wholesale prices, you can benefit from competitive rates and bulk ordering options. Don't compromise on safety—buy our vape packaging boxes at wholesale prices and protect your customers and their loved ones.



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Create Your Own Child Lock Vape Boxes With Us

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to create your own custom Child Lock Vape Boxes in collaboration with our knowledgeable team. With our expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we can bring your unique vision to life and design vape packaging boxes that perfectly align with your brand and product requirements.

When you partner with us, you have full control over the design and customization of your Vape Packaging Boxes. You can choose the dimensions, materials, colors, and finishes that best represent your brand identity. Additionally, our child lock mechanism will be incorporated into the box design to ensure the safety and security of your vape products.

Our team of expert professionals will guide you throughout the process, providing valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your packaging design. We understand the importance of both functionality and aesthetics, and we will work closely with you to create boxes that not only meet safety regulations but also make a memorable impression on your customers.

To start creating your own child lock vape boxes, simply contact us today. Our dedicated team will discuss your requirements, provide you with samples and prototypes, and guide you through the customization options available. With our collaborative approach, we guarantee a seamless and satisfying experience as we bring your custom vape boxes to life.

Select quality, safety, and customization—choose to create your own vape boxes with us. Contact us now and let's embark on this exciting packaging journey together!

Choose From Our Variety Of Customization Options For Vape Boxes

At OPS, we take pride in offering a wide range of customization options to ensure that your packaging stands out and perfectly represents your brand. When you partner with us, you have the freedom to choose from an array of customization options to create Vape Cartridge Boxes that are uniquely customized to your needs.

Here are some of the customization options we provide:

Size and Dimensions: You can select the precise size and dimensions of your vape boxes to accommodate your specific product requirements. Whether you need boxes for small vape pens or larger vape mod kits, we can create the perfect fit.

Materials: We offer a variety of high-quality materials to suit your preferences and needs. From sturdy cardboard to eco-friendly options, we can help you choose the material that best aligns with your brand values.

Colors and Finishes: Make a lasting impression with vibrant colors and eye-catching finishes. You can select from a wide range of printing techniques, such as offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing, to achieve the desired visual impact.

Branding and Graphics: Showcase your brand identity with customized branding elements. Add your logo, tagline, and other graphics to enhance brand recognition and create a cohesive look across your packaging.

Additional Features: Elevate your packaging with special features such as embossing, debossing, spot UV, foiling, or window cutouts. These enhancements can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your vape boxes.

Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to create vape boxes that are not only functional but also visually appealing and aligned with your brand image. Our expert team will guide you through the customization process, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Lamination Options For Our Vape Packaging Boxes 

We offer a range of lamination options to enhance the durability, visual appeal, and protection of your child lock vape boxes. Lamination is a finishing technique that involves applying a thin layer of film onto the surface of the packaging. It provides numerous benefits and customization opportunities for your Custom Packaging Boxes.

Here are some of the lamination options we provide:

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination adds a shiny and reflective finish to your vape boxes, creating an elegant and professional look. It enhances the vibrancy of colors and graphics, making them appear more vivid and eye-catching. Gloss lamination also provides a protective barrier, making your boxes resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and moisture.

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination offers a smooth and non-glossy finish, giving your Child Lock Vape Boxes a sophisticated and elegant appearance. It reduces glare and reflections, allowing your branding and designs to be easily visible from all angles. Matte lamination adds a luxurious tactile feel to the boxes and protects against scuffs and scratches.

Soft Touch Lamination

Soft touch lamination provides a velvety and tactile sensation when touched. It offers a unique and premium texture. This lamination not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides durability and resistance to fingerprints and scratches.

Spot UV Lamination

Spot UV lamination involves applying a glossy and raised coating to specific areas of your vape boxes. This technique creates a striking contrast between the glossy and matte finishes, adding a visually appealing and tactile element to your packaging. Spot UV lamination can use to highlight logos, patterns, or other design elements, making them stand out.

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