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Choose our custom rigid boxes for all of your packaging and printing needs, no matter the shape, size, style, or color requirements. As one-stop solutions providers we deliver complete solutions that fulfill all of your requirements. Our speedy shipping method guarantees on-time product deliveries and our 24-hour availability makes us available whenever help is required. From stylish packaging for luxury items to sturdy shipping boxes - we have you covered. Quality and customer happiness are at the center of everything we do, which ensures you receive high-grade goods that enhance the image of your brand while protecting valuables in transit. Trust our dependable service for producing rigid boxes that meet or surpass industry requirements.



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Avail Of Our Affordable Custom Rigid Boxes Today

Today is the day to get your hands on our custom rigid boxes that are both affordable and durable. You are able to improve the quality of your packaging without breaking the bank by taking advantage of our reasonable prices and high-quality materials. If you want size customization options, one-of-a-kind styles, or vivid colors, we are able to meet your requirements. If you are looking for a packaging solution that not only satisfies your requirements but also surpasses your expectations, consider our rigid boxes instead of making any compromises regarding quality or cost. 

Learn about the difference that our reasonably priced but high-quality packaging alternatives can make possible.

Various Styles Of Rigid Boxes

  1. Magnetic closure rigid boxes

  2. Two-piece rigid box

  3. Collapsible rigid box

  4. Sleeve rigid boxes

  5. Rigid box with lid

Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes:

The box is normally manufacture from a base and a lid, with magnets place in the flap of the lid and the base of the box, attracting and holding the two components together when closed. 

Two-piece custom rigid boxes:

 Two-piece custom rigid boxes are the most popular form. As the name implies, they are create from two components - a base and a lid - that fit together tightly to form a durable and secure box. 

Collapsible Rigid Box:

A strong and foldable box that combines durability with ease of storage, making it excellent for gifting and presenting high-end items in an efficient and attractive manner. 

Sleeve Rigid Box:

 Sleeve Rigid Box Also known as slide boxes, these rigid boxes include a sliding tray that fits into a sleeve or outer box. Furthermore, this design provides for quick access to the box's contents, making it suitable for items that must be accessible or shown on a regular basis. 

Rigid Box with Lid:

The lid is joined to the base with a hinge, allowing for simple opening and closing. This style is suitable for items requiring a premium and elegant presentation, such as fine jewelry or high-end electronics. 

Wide Customization Options For Magnetic Boxes

Making the magnetic boxes feel nicer to the touch, giving them a premium appearance, and enhancing their reusability will help you achieve that high degree of uniqueness that every product deserves. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for your magnetic closure gift box! Whether you're looking to achieve certain packaging objectives or just want to add some cutting-edge add-ons to make impulsive purchases easier, we have everything you need.

Additional Features For A Rigid Box

Because of its remarkable versatility, it is a popular choice among companies. Additionally, we are always adding more fashionable features as add-ons. Including these perks is a great way to make your presents seem more expensive. Moreover, to enhance product visibility, our revolutionary die-cutting process can be used, for instance, to create a window on both the top and front of the rigid box. 

Extra features include vibrant ribbons for visual appeal, customize inserts for enhanced engagement, and QR codes for expanded social media exposure. For further versatility, you can purchase one with personalized built-in pockets.

Lamination And Finishing For Rigid Boxes Wholesale

We provide beautifully embellished rigid boxes wholesale with plenty of room and sturdy structure. Moreover, our procedures include foiling, embossing, debossing, finishing, and more. All in an effort to design exquisite, high-quality boxes that meet your requirements! The cartons are create strong and more aesthetically pleasing by laminating them to prevent moisture and dust. What sets us apart is the meticulousness with which we apply coatings to the printed artwork. 

In addition, among our many finishing options for custom rigid boxes, including soft-touch lamination for a luxurious feel, we also provide: 

  1. Raised Spot UV

  2. Glass Spot UV

  3. Anti-Scratch Laminations

Choose Us For High-End Packaging 

For those just starting out with little budget, our custom rigid boxes with lids are an excellent and reasonably priced option. 

If you're not familiar with the market, don't worry; our expert staff is here to help you choose the right package at the right price, with exclusive savings. In addition, your rigid gift boxes will be brought to life with accuracy and inventiveness because to our matchless skill in 3D design. Plus, before we manufacture your box, we provide you with a 3D mockup so you can tell us what customizations you want. Custom boxes with logo are available for wholesale purchase now. For any inquiries or more details, feel free to call us, send an email to , or use our round-the-clock live chat feature. 

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